Choosing a Class B RV

Class B motorhomes are a great option or many people who are searching for the ideal motorhome for vacations and great for some people to live on as well. They are smaller than some other options, but they also have more flexibility than other motorhomes you might be considering.

Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of class B RVs, as well as some of the most prominent Brands and what they offer.

What is a Class B Motorhome?

Class B motorhomes are a nimble way to explore rural and urban areas. Driving larger motorhomes often feels like handling a bus or a semi. Big motorhomes are not very agile for navigating more difficult terrain or narrow city streets.

Class B motorhomes can go almost anywhere that you want to go. They don’t offer as many amenities or as much space as Class A motorhomes, but they don’t come at as high of a price tag either. For people who want vacationing rather than living on, or for the devoted traveler who doesn’t mind tighter spaces, a Class B motorhome can be an ideal pick.

 Class B Motorhome Build

Class B motorhomes are also known as campervans. They are about the size of a van or large SUV. They are small enough to function as your regular vehicle, although you can’t expect the gas mileage to be comparable to a fuel-efficient car.

Class B Motorhome Amenities

Class B motorhomes might not have quite as many amenities as the larger classes of motorhomes, but they do have pretty much everything that you need for daily life. These motorhomes do an excellent job of making the most of the space.

You are likely to be impressed by just how clever some class B RVs are and how they utilize the space available. Amenities include:

  • Full kitchen. Don’t expect the galley kitchen with an island that you might get from some of the most luxurious motorhomes, but you can expect a complete kitchen with a range, oven, microwave, fridge, and other essentials.
  • Flush toilet and shower.Most of the time, Class B RVs make the most of their space by making a wet bathroom with shower and toilet in the same space. If you’ve never used such a bathroom before, it might take a little bit of getting used to. However, many people find it very easy to clean and quite convenient.
  • TV and entertainment center. Don’t expect TVs on the outside, like some of the more over the top luxury RVs, but you can expect a decent entertainment center to be built into most class B RVs.
  • Temperature control and hot water. Expect standard conveniences like air conditioning, heat, and hot water from your Class B RV.
  • Generators and solar panels.Not all Class B motorhomes have these conveniences, but many do. After all, the goal of Class B motorhomes is to travel wherever you want to, which might lead you away from campgrounds.

Class B Motorhomes

There are a lot of Class B motorhomes on the market. You should do your research to determine which is the best for you. That said, here are a few Class B motorhomes you are most likely to encounter if you’re searching for your ideal pick.

Class B Winnebago Solis

Winnebago has been a classic RV for a long time and for good reason. This Class B motorhome is a strong contender in the Class B motorhome market, offering a few distinct advantages over any similar RVs:

Pop-up Top

One of the primary disadvantages of class B RVs is the typical lack of a permanent bed. This Winnebago solves that problem with their pop up top. As an added advantage, this pop-up top gives you superior air circulation and a beautiful view. It is designed to comfortably sleep two.

Driving Seat Converts Into Bed Option

If you’d like to have guests or have the option to sleep more than two in your class B Winnebago, you can choose the sofa bed option for the driver seat to convert into sleeping for an additional two people.

Solar Panel

This Winnebago comes with a 220 watt solar panel attached to the pop-top roof. You can even adjust the angle of the solar panel to catch the light ideally.

Class B Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream makes some beautiful RV that have been beloved in the industry for a very long time and are still on the road today. Their class B touring coach is no exception. This is an impressive Class B RV which offers a lot of luxury in a fairly small package.

First Class Vehicle

Airstream is well known for its capacity to stay on the road longer than the competition. This Airstream has a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 van chassis with 50 best-in-class features standard. These include safety features like rear view cameras and parking assist. There is also the option of four-wheel drive if you want to drive on rougher terrain.

The Comforts of Home

If you don’t want to make any compromises in your sleeping quarters, you’ll appreciate the large bed offered by Airstream. It stretches across the entire back of the coach. If hot showers are your thing, you’ll appreciate the extremely efficient unlimited hot water.

Powered Awning

You’re choosing a Class B motorhome, in part, because you want to spend time in nature once you get there, not feel holed up in your RV all the time. Airstream understands, which is why they’ve included a powered awning.

Just push a button and dramatically extend your livable space. Stabilizing bars keep it sturdy. It will automatically retract in high winds, so you don’t have to worry about when you need to take it down.

Class B Coach House Platinum

If you are on the fence about a Class B motorhome because you think you may want more from your motorhome, this may be a classy option worth your consideration. This is a big Class B motorhome that comes with a lot of luxuries included and some great additional features that you can add on as well.

Indoor and Outdoor shower

One of downsides, for many people, of choosing a Class B motorhome is the fairly small wet bathroom. Coach House offers a solution to this problem with their outside shower with hot and cold water.

When you’re outside enjoying the beautiful weather, why go inside to take a shower? Just utilize this great outside space, and you’ll have more room to shower and keep your inside bathroom dry.

Sturdy and Safe Build

This motorhome has a patented hand-laid fiberglass body that is all one piece and reinforced with carbon fiber. This makes a frame that is less likely to leak and more sturdy than competition. The frame is built on a platinum Ford E450 super duty chassis with impressive horsepower and torque.

Trailer Hitch

The 7500lbs trailer hitch means that you can take a small vehicle with you, which is a huge advantage for a class B motorhome, since usually you would need to use the motorhome as your standard vehicle as well.

Advantages of Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes have some meaningful advantages over other types. When you are shopping for a motorhome, it is tempting to look for the biggest and most luxurious that you can afford.

However, there are some meaningful advantages to choosing a Class B motorhome, even if you wouldn’t mind spending what it cost on a more luxurious model. Here are some of the reasons that you may choose the class B motorhome over any other options.

Easy to Drive

Unlike larger motorhomes, which can be very challenging to navigate on congested or narrow roads, class B motorhomes excel at navigating this sort of terrain and fit right in on city streets.  It’s also the ideal choice if you are worried about your capacity to handle a very large vehicle comfortably.

Easy to Store

If you want a motorhome that is convenient to park over in a residential area, this is the one for you. Class B motorhomes can generally fit in residential garages and won’t attract a lot of attention parked on the street either.

Access to Conveniences While in Motion

Many people who are considering a class B motorhome are also considering a tow-behind recreational vehicle of some sort. Tow behinds offer many of the same advantages regarding size and portability to Class B motorhomes.

However, with a tow behind, you will need to stop the vehicle if anyone needs to use the amenities in the main part of the camper. This could be very inconvenient.

If you want to be able to go to the bathroom, grab something out of the fridge, or otherwise move around while the motorhome is moving, a Class B is a better option for you.

Potential Downside of Class B Rvs

Class B RVs aren’t for everyone. There are a few notable downsides to choosing this type of vehicle. If you are on the fence about choosing a Class B or upgrading to a more luxurious model, here are a few things worth considering:

No Permanent Bed

Class B RVs do a great job of making use of every inch of space. That means that most of the time they can’t resist leaving the large space occupied by the bed. Almost all Class B RVs have beds that fold up, turn into a table, or otherwise serve another important function in the RV. If you want to take a nap while your partner does computer work at the table, you might have a problem.

Limited Space

Class B RVs make the most of every inch, but there isn’t much that can be done to increase the limited space. You will have very few storage options, and it’s hard to feel like you’re not on top of one another if you have more than two people in the RV. Even with two people, Class B RVs can feel pretty tight.

Little and Enclosed Bathroom

Some people find that they really like the wet bathroom because it is easy to clean and offers incorporated seating in the form of the toilet. However, many people find wet bathrooms to be very irritating.

In humid climates, they may not dry out easily, so you’ll have the uncomfortable sensation of a wet floor and a wet toilet when you go into the bathroom. Naturally, it will be a bit difficult if anyone wants to use the bathroom while somebody else is taking a shower. If you are a large person, you may find the small space limiting.

It Will Likely Be Your Primary Vehicle

One of the great advantages of a Class B RV is the ease with which it can be driven around. The downside is that if you want to leave your campsite for any reason, you’ll need to take the camper with you.

Some people can get around this by riding bicycles or using other forms of transportation. If you don’t really set up camp, but just stay in the camper when you get to your destination, it won’t be much of an issue for you.

Pick the Best Class B Motorhome for Your Needs

A class B motorhome is a great option for many people who want to get out on the open road but don’t want to feel like they are driving a semi or a bus. You may be surprised by just how many features are available to you in class B motorhomes

However, be realistic about how much space you will need to be comfortable in your motorhome. Some people find that class B homes are a little bit too small, especially for two people or more.