Choosing Between the Best RV Brands

The best RV brands offer dependable vehicles that can stand the test of time, along with features that make your life on the road as comfortable as possible. Here are the best RV brands and what to expect from the RVs they offer.

What Features Should Come Standard in an Rv?

This is a lot of variety in what comes standard, what comes at cost, and what your options in features are in various RVs. That said, here are some of the features that every RV should have.

  • Sleeping areas. Good RVs make sleeping and eating area serve double-duty. Bunk beds are common in RVs, but think seriously about whether you’ll be ok with climbing in and out of a bunk bed. Murphy beds are convenient because they can remain made and be folded up into the wall. Beds that convert into tables need to be unmade and made every day.

  • Seating. RV seating should be attached so it doesn’t slide around. Good seating is generally able to fold down or convert so no space is wasted.

  • Cooking appliance. Most RVs will come with some kind of basic kitchen and cooking appliances. Think about your preferences in electric or gas, whether a glass stovetop is important, and make sure that there is room for a microwave if one is not included.

  • Bathroom. The tiniest RVs won’t have a bathroom, but larger RVs at least have a simple bathroom. Decide whether you’re okay with a wet bath, in which the entire bathroom gets wet when you take a shower. The best RV brands these days are devoting a fair amount of space to the bathroom.

  • Stereo system. A basic stereo system comes standard in most RVs. The stereo should have speakers outside and inside, ideally with different controls for either one.

  • Pop-outs. Not every RV has pop-outs, but they are a nice feature to add more space to your RV when you are stationary without increasing the size of your RV on the road.

  • Running water and holding tanks. Your RV should offer plumbing, running water, and holding tanks big enough for the amount of time you want to spend away from civilization.

  • Water heater. A water heater comes standard on most RVs. Make sure that you have this invaluable feature, especially if you’ll be going anywhere cold. If you like a lot of hot water, it may be worth investing in a tankless water heater.

  • Air conditioning. Most RVs come with air conditioning standard. Also be sure that the RV you choose has good enough insulation that the air conditioning will be effective.

  • Safety features. Any good RV will come with a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, and all of the other standard safety equipment that you might expect to find in an apartment or house.

What Brand of Rv is Best?

RVs have been among the most popular ways to vacation for many years, so it should be no surprise that there are many high-quality brands to choose from. There are also many poorly made RVs by companies that just want your money. Here are some of the best RV brands that offer quality RVs you’ll love for many years to come.


Airstream has been a trendsetter in the RV industry for a very long time. Since the beginning of their conception, Airstream RVs have been designed for function. Every inch is planned to work together to make your experience on the road as enjoyable as possible.

You can find the first models made in the 1930s still on the road today, a bit dented and worn, but every bit as functional and classic as when they first hit the road. The iconic Airstream isn’t just about function. These are some of the best-looking RVs on the market.

Standard Features

These are the standard features for the Atlas Touring Coach, a 24-foot diesel RV that can seat four and sleep two.

  • Power slide out. Not only does this Airstream have a pop out, but it has an automated slide-out that dramatically extends your living space with the touch of a button.

  • Mercedes-Benz engine. Airstream pairs with Mercedes-Benz to offer an excellent driving machine with over 50 best in class features from grill to bumper.

  • Big bathroom. The entire rear end of this motorhome is taken up by the bathroom, offering a whole shower, vanity, faucet, and toilet. A tankless water heater provides constant hot water.

  • Built-in generator. The extremely quiet 3.2 KW generator is powered by diesel to give you all of the amenities you want, anywhere.

  • Auto-retracting awning. Get the shade you want, and don’t worry about the wind picking up, since this awning will automatically retract if it get windy.

  • Camera monitor. View your rear and sides through a dedicated camera monitor, so you will always know what’s behind you.

  • Hideaway TV. The TV rises up from an entertainment cabinet so that you can enjoy it when you want and forget about it when you don’t.

  • Solar panels. Solar panels are included, a very valuable extra.

  • Air ride suspension. Enjoy driving as much as you enjoy camping with this luxurious ride.

Optional Features

  • Interior color. Choose from five color combinations from tropical Tommy Bahama to refined palates in brown, white, and black.

  • Extra bed. Turn the cockpit into an extra bed with a customized blanket and carrying case.

  • Four-wheel drive. If you have serious adventures to go on, choose four-wheel drive to take your Airstream anywhere you want to go.

  • Hydraulic leveling jacks. Not every RV owner will need these, but if you do, they are available at an additional cost

Who is the Airstream best for?

If you want a cool, classic RV that you can make an investment in for years and pass on to your children, the Airstream might be right for you.

Who should think twice about an Airstream?

Unless you’re ready to make a serious financial investment in your RV, look elsewhere. These RVs are some of the priciest on the market.

Oliver Travel Trailers

These are some of the best fiberglass travel trailers you can buy. A double-shell fiberglass and composite hull is made to last for a lifetime. Like the Airstream, Oliver Travel Trailers are the sort of RVs that can be passed on to your children and still be some of the best RVs on the road.

The tight fiberglass interior is extremely easy to keep clean. These RVs are also known for coming with lots of standard features, so you won’t have to spend a lot customizing.

Standard Features

These are the standard features for the Legacy Elite II, a 23 foot long RV that can sleep two.

  • Monitoring system. Keep track of your battery life and water level with an easy to reference monitoring system.

  • Complete bathroom. The shower, vanity and toilet in the full bathroom will make you forget that you’re in an RV.

  • Retractable awning. A 16-foot retractable awning gives you more shade than you’ll need in a very easy to use design.

  • Dining table and side table. This RV offers plenty of surface space, making it much easier to get things done inside.

  • Double-hulled fiberglass shell. Superior insulation is provided by this unique fiberglass shell.

  • Interior molded fiberglass. You’ll find it incredibly easy to keep this molded fiberglass clean through the years.

  • Quad shocks. Dual Dexter leaf springs offer a very smooth ride.

  • TV. Included 24-inch flat screen LCD TV and radio along with custom mounted speakers.

  • Self-igniting 6 gallon water heater. Convenient hot water with a self-igniting heater.

Optional Features

  • Lithium Pro. This package includes solar panels and lithium batteries to give you all the power you need without being hooked up to a generator.

  • Solar Pro. This package includes solar panels and decent batteries at a lesser price than the lithium pro package.

  • Connections. Inverters and connections like a 30 amp connection on the back to let you power up anywhere or an inverter to help you power fridge and microwave more effectively.

  • Antenna. Several antennas options are offered to enable you to get radio or TV.

  • Backup camera. This package allows you to monitor behind you so that you’ll be able to see clearly when you back up.

  • Wi-Fi and cell phone boosters. If you want brake connection no matter where you go, this package can help

  • Composting toilet. If you don’t want to have to deal with emptying your toilet, consider this option.

Who is the Oliver Travel Trailer best for?

The Oliver Travel Trailer is a technologically-advanced, sturdy fiberglass trailer that will be with you for a lifetime and which you can pass on to your kids. If you want a tough trailer that will look clean and shiny through anything, this might be right for you.

Who should think twice about an Oliver Travel Trailer?

Oliver Travel Trailers aren’t cheap. If you don’t want to pay for all of the bells and whistles standard in a travel trailer, this RV might seem overpriced to you for what you get.


Winnebago may not make the most attractive RVs on the market, but they do make highly dependable RVs that are backed by great customer service. Choose from a wide range of designs at reasonable prices. Many of the Winnebago RVs have a look that is similar to a standard van, making them more discreet and easier to fit into your life.

Standard Features

Here are the standard features for a 20 ft long diesel Solis Winnebago RV that can sleep four.

  • Pop up top. One of the most distinctive features of this Winnebago is the durable fiberglass pop-top. It gives you more light and headroom inside without adding bulk on the road.

  • Flexible seating. The bed converts into a sofa for comfortable sleeping or seating.

  • Built-in solar panel. The solar panel is built into the pop-up roof, which offers a sleek look and also helps you to angle it to get sun perfectly.

  • Easy to use water system. If you’re intimidated by using the tanks on an RV, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-read freshwater tank and the Eco hot water system.

  • Great insulation. Ceiling to floor insulation and window coverings make this RV great at maintaining temperature.

  • Color rear-view camera. Get safety in your rear-view with this full panel rearview camera

  • Removable table. More versatility is offered in this removable table that lets you have more floor space, sleeping, or surface space.

  • Bath. Swiveling toilet, flexible shower head, and full shower

  • Murphy bed. Allows you to keep your bed made and simply swing it up, a very convenient feature.

Who is the Winnebago best for?

The Winnebago is a great choice if you don’t want to spend as much as you would on a new house to get an RV as big and feature-packed as you need.

Who should think twice about a Winnebago?

If you want a cool, good-looking RV, the Winnebago may not be for you. These RVs also come with most features standard and fewer customizations, so if you only want to pay for what you need, they may not be best.

What Brand of RV is Best for You?

The best way to decide which RV is right for you is to try one out. Rent an RV from one of the best RV brands for a week or so and see how you feel about it. If you’re not sure, try renting another RV on your next vacation and see how like that one. Choosing an RV is a huge decision, so you should take your time to pick the best one for your needs.