Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a motorhome, you will quickly encounter a few key differences between them. Class A, B, and C are built differently, have features that vary, and are ideal for different RVers.

Class A RVs are the biggest and best, but they come at a higher cost. Here’s what you need to know about what makes a Class A RV, which RVs are great examples of this class, and whether you need an RV of this caliber.

What is a Class A RV?

Class A RVs are luxury RVs built on a chassis like what would house a bus. The goal behind Class A RVs is to make an ideal recreational vehicle for top paying clients. Here are a few of the key features that you can expect in a class A RV:

A Robust Frame

Class A RVs have a very tough frame. Typically they are built on either the chases for a commercial bus or those that support 18-wheeler trucks. This strong frame combined with a powerful engine and your choice of diesel or gas gives Class A RVs the capacity to tow vehicles behind them.

Lots of Room

Class A RVs tend to be big, usually from 26 to 45 ft long, averaging around 30 feet. They get even bigger when you park, thanks to popouts. Expect to see at least a couple of popouts on Class A RVs It’s not at all uncommon to see popouts practically everywhere on the RV. Six to eight people can sleep in Class A RVs without feeling cramped.

Feels like Home, Even on the Road

You can expect a Class A RV to make you feel like you’re in your own living room. They are often suited with built-in flat-screen televisions, full-size kitchen appliances, and all of the amenities of home. Since the cab is connected to the rest of the RV, the non-driver can feel at home even when the RV is underway.

What is a Class C Motorhome?

The Class C motorhome is a step down from class A, but it provides a lot of amenities and comfort in a more affordable and easier to handle RV. Class C RVs have a driving cab separate from the rest of the RV. They typically have a sleeping area over the driving cab.

This is a convenient feature since it keeps the bed out of the way, and it doesn’t have to be converted, but some people don’t like having to climb up to sleep on an elevated sleeping platform. Class C RVs can have multiple sleeping areas because of elevated bed features. You may be able to sleep as many as eight people in a Class C RV. Class C motorhomes typically have popouts to provide more room than you expect when you’re at your destination.

Picking a Class A RV

Class B Motorhome

The Class B RV is often known as a campervan. It is tall enough to stand in, and there is room for basic amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and living area, but you certainly won’t make the mistake of thinking that you are in a house.

They are less likely to have popout features, although sometimes they might have a couple. Because Class B motorhomes are quite small, they have better gas mileage than a Class A or C. They’re also considerably easier to drive and park. If you want something that you can take to your destination and sleep in comfortably, without spending too much, Class B is for you.

Downsides of a Class A RV

Gas Mileage

Because Class A RVs are stronger and tougher, they also tend to be heavier. That means the gas mileage won’t be as good. It might be around eight to ten miles per gallon, depending on the model.

Driving Handling

Class A motorhomes are extremely large vehicles. It will take some time for you to learn how to handle a vehicle like this, and they can be more difficult under harsh weather conditions. You can’t take a Class A motorhome onto all roads since they are as large as a bus.

Most people tow a vehicle with four-wheel drive behind their Class A RV so they can get around when they get to their destination. You usually can only tow vehicles that have rear or four-wheel drive with a manual transmission. This means twice the engine maintenance and a significant overall cost.

Expensive Repairs

Repairs can be more expensive on a Class A RV. If you want to leave your RV parked for periods of time between uses, you may find that you run into engine trouble in a Class A RV. If you’re living in your RV full time, engine trouble means that you’ll need to live somewhere else while it’s being worked on.

An Expensive (and Poor) Investment

If you’re confident that you are going to love your Class A RV and live in it forever, you might not be concerned about depreciating value. However, if you think that a change in life plans may mean you want to sell your RV down the road, you can expect to lose a fair amount of money. That might hurt after making a very large investment into an expensive Class A RV.

Picking a Class A RV

Class A RVs to Choose From

Class A 2019 Monaco Signature

For almost 20 years, Monoco has been well-known for creating reliable luxury RVs. Their 2019 model is no different. This Class A Diesel RV comes in four different configuration options, depending on how many people you need to sleep and how much space you want.

Stretch out in the full tile shower. The window awning package keeps you protected from the glare of the sun. An in-motion satellite system means that you can get a signal even when you’re on the road.

All Whirlpool appliances will make you forget that you are in an RV at all. The interior decor comes in a number of different choices to customize it to your preferences. Choose from four attractive exterior designs.

Class A 2021 Dutch Star Diesel Motor Coach

If you want an RV that could genuinely make you forget that you’re on the road, the Class A Star may be your ideal choice. The 2021 model is as classic as ever, but it is packed with modern amenities.

Touches like driving chairs that can turn around to be comfortable armchairs that actually fit into the decor really make this model stand out. Safety has been highly prioritized with the Comfort Drive Steering technology and excellent stability control. Onguard Collision Mitigation technology makes it easier to pilot a large RV like this.

You can choose from 13 different floor plan and length of 37, 40, or 43 ft. The large bathroom with a separate shower is incredibly generous in an RV of any size. Lots of optional features like floor tile radiant heat let you customize your RV with what matters to you.

Class A 2020 Winnebago Horizon

Winnebago has an excellent reputation for high-quality luxury RVs, and this model fits right in. This 41 foot RV is packed with features that you’re sure to love.

The inside is both elegant and highly functional, with a full-sized stainless French door refrigerator and sink and lots of counter space. A powerful turbo-diesel engine and a Freightliner chassis offer you a very smooth ride, so if you’re worried about handling, this might be the Class A RV for you. This RV does a lot to provide you with outside entertainment as well, with a full entertainment center that can be viewed from outside of the RV.

Class A 2020 Tiffin Zephyr

If you want to spare no expense for the most luxurious RV that you can buy, Tiffin is a good place to turn. The Zephyr 2020 model is the most feature-packed option by Tiffin.

This 45 foot Class A coach sits on a Powerglide Chassis and is powered by a substantial engine with independent front suspension. The living area boasts one of the widest and tallest spaces of Class A RVs.

Luxurious furnishings are also durable, so it’ll keep looking gorgeous through the years. You can choose from a range of decor options, all of which are subtle enough that you’ll keep loving them. A full kitchen offers a full-out island to offer even more counter space.

Class A 2020 Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE

This is a gorgeous full-size diesel Class A RV with a lot of features and a fresh look in 2020. On-demand tankless hot water, bigger than average holding tanks with 105 freshwater gallons and 100 gallons of fuel, and a 100 watt solar panel that comes standard gives this RV what it needs to keep you going even if you’re out on the road away from civilization for a long time.

Whirlpool residential appliances including a full size refrigerator with ice and water in the door make you feel like you’re right at home. Unlike some other Class A RVs that seem to just try to shove as much seating in as possible, the Fleetwood Pace Arrow does an excellent job of providing an attractive interior with optional additional seating or surface space.

Picking a Class A RV

Choose the Right RV for You

If you intend to live in your RV full time and agility in moving it around isn’t high on your list of priorities, a Class A RV might be an ideal option for your needs. These RVs are a bigger investment than some other options, but if you’re worried about making the switch from a house to an RV, this type of luxury vehicle can give you confidence that you won’t miss out on too many of the conveniences of home.