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Here are Turn Key RV Rentals top 3 Oregon Lakes to explore during your vacation here in Oregon.

Oregon has long been known for its beauty, but the hidden treasures are best explored with a motorhome or travel trailer. There really is no better way to soak in the pristine blue skies, surrounded by the lush green mountains. The crisp smell of the plentiful evergreens lends itself to the fresh air, all while the sparkling sun shines like diamonds on the clearest, crystal clean water of Oregon’s beautiful lake retreats.

Turn Key RV Rentals Recommends these 3 Oregon Lakes to visit while in Oregon:

1.Trillium Lake – Located close to the town of Government Camp, with stunning views of Oregon’s highest point, Mt. Hood. Turn Key RV Rental customers can stay at Trillium Lake Campground, an RV and Travel Trailer and tent-friendly campground offering access to amenities like hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming. This is a very popular location, so booking reservations 6 months in advance is recommended.Nearby attractions include Timberline Lodge, which is a National Historic Landmark, located on Mt. Hood.

Trillium Lake Campground

Photo from Steam Artworks


2. Crater Lake – Crater Lake, world renowned for its stunning, beautiful blue color, is the result of a volcano that erupted, then collapsed, forming a caldera which filled with rain water and melted snow to form the deepest lake in the United States, and ultimately, one of nine deepest lakes in the world. There is no inlet or outlet, yet the water is so crystal clear that visitors can see down to the depth of 100 feet, unaided. There is a national park nearby where visitors can camp, hike and even swim in certain parts of Crater Lake. The temperatures are known to be extreme, with the area being covered with snow from October to June, and temperatures that can range into the 90’s from June until October.

Camping in Crater Lake

Crater Lake, Oregon

Activities to enjoy include hiking, daily boat tours and guided walking tours.

Places to stay near Crater Lake are Mazama Campground, in Crater Lake National Park.  For history buffs, there is also the historic Crater Lake Lodge.

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3. Waldo Lake – Known as the “gem of the cascades” Waldo Lake is the largest natural lake in Oregon, and one of the purest lakes in the world. Waldo Lake is usually best accessed in the late summer, after the mosquitoes have died down a bit. There are three campgrounds available for access to the lake, depending on snowpack.  Access to hiking, mountain biking trails, canoeing, kayaking will make this lake a favorite for athletic vacationers. There are three developed campgrounds to choose from: North WaldoIslet, andShadow Bay.  Campgrounds are often full from mid-august into September, so advance reservations are highly recommended. The area is known for a lot of mosquitoes in the early summer, so come prepared.

Waldo Lake, Oregon

Photo by Mark Timby

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Enjoy the best of what Oregon has to offer – rent a motorhome from Turn Key RV Rentals, turn the key, and off you go!