The 2020 Super Bowl is going to be on Sunday, February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

This guide will cover all the information you need to know to have the best RV tailgating experience. We will go through tailgating tips, when and how to reserve a spot at the Super Bowl, why RV tailgating is the best way to experience the super bowl, and how to have the best tailgate party. Make your 2020 Super Bowl tailgating party epic with an RV from Turn Key RV.

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When to reserve to make it to the Superbowl

The Superbowl is coming up soon on February 2nd. If you don’t already have a ticket you need to get one now at the official NFL website. Once you have your tickets you’ll be ready to reserve your RV. Make your reservation as soon as possible to make sure a unit large enough for your party is still available.  Rent an RV from us.

Tailgating Tips

Plan Ahead

Getting your tickets and renting your RV are two important steps to be prepared for a fun Super Bowl experience. You can get your Super Bowl tickets at the official NFL site.

Prepare food

You are probably going to be cooking food at the event so make sure to plan the food you will be preparing and bring all of the needed ingredients. Three great tailgating foods you can make at this years Super Bowl are walking tacos, individual 7 layer dip cups and Philly cheese steak sliders

Avoid Traffic

To avoid the traffic at the game, you should get there a few hours before other fans get there. You will be able to sit back and relax in your comfy RV and enjoy watching TV or playing games while everyone else is waiting is traffic.

Find a good spot to park your RV

You will want to get to the game early so you can find a good place to park your RV. When looking for a good spot you should keep in mind that it is a good idea to stay away from large crowds of people. You will want to be away from large crowds of people to avoid noise, long lines, and have enough space for your tailgating activities.

Bring Everything You’ll Need!

Nothing is worse than showing up and forgetting something important. You can bet the prices in Miami are going to be at a premium during the big game. Not to mention all the traffic! Getting in and out will be a nightmare.

Food, Snacks and Drinks

You will want to bring all the ingredients you will need for your tailgating food. You can also bring some easy snacks like chips with salsa or dip that doesn’t require cooking. It’s (probably) going to be hot in Miami so bringing some bottled water with you is a must. You’ll should bring a variety of your favorite sodas, cocktails, wine, and beer for everyone in your group and more. You don’t want to run out.

Trash Bags

You don’t want to leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up after your tailgate party so bring some trash bags and clean up after yourself.

Portable Grill

You will need to bring a portable grill for cooking food like hot dogs and hamburgers outside. If the weather sucks an RV always has a kitchenette with a microwave so you’ve got a backup, but nothing beats the taste of fresh grilled food.


If you are using a portable grill for cooking you will need to bring propane with you and make sure you have enough for how long you will be cooking for. Always bring extra just in case you run out, ’cause getting in and out with traffic will take forever.

Folding Chairs

You definitely don’t want to be standing around the whole time; that will get exhausting! Make sure you bring some folding camp chairs so you can sit down and rest your feet. There will be plenty of long waits in line, so get comfortable while you can.


It is going to be hot in Miami so you will need to bring some sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Even if it’s overcast or cloudy, sun can still get through. Suffering through the game with a sunburn will suck a lot of the fun out, so make sure you protect yourself in the pre-party (and at the game, too).

Table and table cloth for tailgating food

If you are serving food at the game make sure to bring a table and a tablecloth to set all your food and condiments on and keep everything sanitary.


People hanging out at tailgate party

Why tailgating in an RV is the best way to go

The Amenities

The main benefit of tailgating with your RV is that you will have many of the amenities with you that you would have at home, like a kitchen and a bathroom. With a kitchen you will have access to a sink, microwave, and a stove top. With your own private bathroom you will avoid waiting in long lines to use the port a potty that thousands of strangers who have been drinking beer and eating food all day have been using.

Access to power

Another benefit you will have with your RV is access to power. You can charge your phone, or watch games on TV while you’re waiting for the game.

Avoiding traffic

After the game is over you still will have your comfortable setup with your RV and can hang around until the traffic has cleared up.

Avoiding bad weather

Your RV will also be a great way to avoid any bad weather at the game. It probably won’t rain at this year’s Super Bowl, but if it does you can bring your tailgating party inside.

Tailgate cookout

How to have a tailgate party the right way

Here are some activities that you can enjoy while tailgating in your RV:


Cooking is almost a must. Find some great recipes and cook for your family, friends and other new people you meet at the game. If you want some ideas about fun things to cook while tailgating, Six Sister’s Stuff has a list of 40 tailgate food recipes.

Meeting other fans

Tailgating is a great way to hang out with other fans, play games with them or even share some of your food, and show off your RV party zone that will make other fans jealous.

Yard Games

Playing large Jenga

You can enjoy many yard games while tailgating such as giant Jenga, ladder toss, or cornhole. You can also enjoy board games and card games.